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Super class

The superclass is an additional game to the class lottery.
Everyone who plays a lottery ticket is eligible to participate.

Super Winnings

With the super class you can win

daily €100,000.

The big final draw is even about

7 x €100,000

This is how it works

Simply tick the "super class" box when ordering your ticket!

After ordering, you will receive your ticket confirmation (ticket certificate) and the official prize schedule.

your bet

The ticket price is one time:

120for the whole ticket.

60for half the ticket.

12for the ten-piece lottery ticket.

Game conditions Super-Class 198.Lottery    Game conditions Super-Class 197.Lottery

Game conditions of the super class of the 198th lottery

Unless otherwise stated for the superclass, the terms and conditions of the 198th Class Lottery apply.

1. Term

The super class is an additional class to the 198th class lottery where EUR 100,000.- are played out daily between 13.05.2024 and 20.10.2024 and EUR 100,000.- are played out 7 times on 21.10.2024.

2. Ticket Numbers

The ticket numbers are identical to the 198th class lottery (1 to 250,000). The tickets are issued in whole tickets (10 ticket quotas of a ticket number), in half tickets (5 ticket quotas of a ticket number), in tenths of a ticket or in several tenths of a ticket. The ticket quotas are distinguished by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Generally, every game participant of the super class receives the same ticket number and ticket denomination, with which he can participate in the 198th class lottery. There is, however, no right to receive this ticket number and denomination for the super class.

3. Gaming Capital, Payout Ratio

The gaming capital of the super class amounts to EUR 30,000,000.-. The payout ratio amounts to 56% of the revenues.

4. Gaming Contract, Ticket Price

4.1 All game participants who are participating in the 198th class lottery with their ticket quotas and who have paid the ticket price for the super class in accordance with point 4.2 are entitled to participate.

4.2 The ticket price for the super class amounts to EUR 120.- for the entire ticket, therefore EUR 60.- for the half ticket and EUR 12.- for the tenth of a ticket. If the ticket price is paid before 12.05.2024 the game participant is entitled to participate in all draws of the super class. In case the ticket price for the super class is only paid after this point, but before 1.4.2024, the game participant – provided that the ticket price for the respective class ticket has been paid – is entitled to play and win starting from the first following drawing day Monday (with the exceptions: when buying the ticket from 18.12. to 26.12.2023 with the drawing of 27.12.2023, when buying the ticket from 27.12.2023 to 1.1.2024 with the drawing of 2.1.2024 as well as the buying of the ticket from 25.3. to 1.4.2024 with the drawing of 2.4.2024). There is no right to possible previous winnings of that ticket number of the super class. After 1.4.2024 a new entry in the super class is not possible anymore. When paying by bank transfer or deposit, the date of payment at the bank or post office will be considered as date of payment.

4.3 All 250,000 tickets are continuously taking part in the super class and can win multiple times.

4.4 Transfers and deposits that are not sufficient for the payment of all played (purchased) tickets or ticket quotas of the super class are credited in ascending numerical order to the ordered (purchased) tickets or ticket quotas until the last fully paid ticket quota. Amounts that cannot be attributed are credited to the game participant’s account.

5. Draws

The draws are public and are carried out under the supervision of a notary public in accordance with section 16 (10) of the Austrian Gaming Act, BGBl. Nr. 620/1989 in the applicable version each time following the Monday draws of the 198th class lottery for a calendar week in advance (exceptions: The prizes for December 25th and 26th, 2023, will be determined on December 18th, 2023. The prize for January 1st, 2024, will be determined on December 27th, 2023, and the prize for April 1st, 2024, will be determined on March 25th, 2024). All winnings are determined by drawing (from left to right) six-digit ticket numbers. For the drawing procedure the rules of the drawing procedure of the class lottery that have been brought to the attention of the Austrian Ministry of Finance apply.

6. Winning List

All winnings of the super class are announced per class with the winning list of each class.

7. Payout Period

Winning tickets that have not been claimed by the game participants within three years after the last drawing date of the super class will be fully used for the participants of the games of the Company.

Source:, 08.03.2024

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