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Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions and answers about the Austrian Class Lottery and the unique PROKOPP services.

The class lottery is a lottery which is conducted in several successive sections (classes).

Classes are the individual game sections of a lottery. A lottery is divided into 6 classes.

1 class lasts 4 weeks and there are 4 draws per class.

The Super Class is an additional game. In Super Class it is possible to win additional up to €100,000 per day over the course of a lottery (6 months).

On the final draw day 7 x €100,000 are distributed.

All winnings are paid out corresponding to ticket quota.

The one-time stake per lottery is €12 per 1/10 ticket.

The Gold Class is an additional game. During the draws of the 4th and 6th class an additional 2,055 times gold worth €100,000, €50,000 and €1,500 will be distributed.

Eligible for participation are all participants who participate continuously from the 1st to the 4th class. Winnings will be paid in gold or cash as the winner wishes.

The one-time stake per lottery:

€10 per 1/10 ticket!

You want to win even more? Then simply take part in the Luxury Class. The Luxury Class is an additional game to the Austrian Class Lottery. You participate in the draws with the same ticket numbers that are also played in the respective class lottery. All ticket numbers paid from the 1st to the 3rd class are eligible to participate. Winnings totaling € 17,700,000 await you.

A lottery lasts approximately half a year.

There are only 250,000 tickets in the Austrian Class Lottery.

In total there are 278,196 winners, consisting of 29 hits of a million and 278,167 hits between €200 and €100,000.

You can considerably increase your chances of winning by playing 2 or more different ticket numbers.

1 ticket number: 76,36 %

2 ticket numbers: 94,41 %

3 ticket numbers: 98,68 %

4 ticket numbers: 99,68 %

5 ticket numbers: 99,93 % (5-combi ticket)

6 ticket numbers: 99,98 % (6-combi ticket)

The money back guarantee is valid for all 5-combi and 6-combi ticket combinations, i.e. if you play 5 or 6 different ticket numbers.

If you play the entire lottery without winning anything, PROKOPP will reimburse your stake.

Lottery players can significantly increase their chance of winning by purchasing several tickets or ticket quotas of different ticket numbers.

The ticket prices for each of the 6 classes are as follows:

€150 for a whole ticket

€75 for a half ticket

€15 for a tenth ticket

You can purchase quotas of each ticket. For example: a whole ticket is 10/10 of one ticket number, a half ticket is equal to 5 tenth tickets of a ticket number. The more quotas of your ticket number you have, the higher your share of the prize.

Tickets can be purchased no later than the day before the first draw day of each class. In the case of transfers or deposits, the date of the payment at the bank or post office shall apply. If the payment is made after this date, winning tickets are processed from the next drawing day.

You can order your tickets here with our online form. Alternatively, you can order:

over the phone: (01) 587 76 63, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00,

by fax: (01) 586 94 84

by email:

As long as we have your name and address, you will be informed of each win by post immediately.

You can check results using the interactive tool on our hompeage page at Draw History > Check Results.

Winnings are paid out by us against proof of right to play (i.e. ticket, ticket certificate). In Austria, payouts are income tax free and paid by post, bank transfer or, at the player’s request, in cash. Payments in the amount of EUR 1,000.10 and over are only made upon presentation of a valid official photo ID.

You can cancel at any time either in writing or over the phone without providing reasons.

There are several ways to pay your ticket:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payment slip
  • Credit card
  • Sofort/Klarna - Online Bank Transfer

You can choose to pay by class (monthly) or in advance (6 months) for the whole lottery.

Your documents will be sent to you either by post or digital.

The processing fee is intended to cover the additional costs incurred in the careful handling of your requests and orders. This includes, among other things, the provision of specialized staff, updating our systems, as well as implementing strict security measures to protect your data.

We are aware that additional fees can always be a challenge. Nevertheless, we are convinced that this fee is necessary to maintain our services at a high standard and to ensure a smooth process for you.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!