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Austrian Class Lottery testimonials

The Austrian Class Lottery produces hundreds of happy winners every year.

We are especially pleased when Prokopp customers are among the winners. It’s not uncommon that our customers are able to realise their life dreams as a result of winning: a world trip, a house in the countryside or a safe future for the whole family.

Here are some testimonials from our winners, who describe their experiences with the Prokopp class lottery:

I was a passionate lotto player for many years, then I found out that the chances of winning are by far the best in class lottery. I’ve had very positive experiences with this gambling game. It is run professionally and with integrity. As a player and customer, I get the feeling that I’m taken seriously and considered important.

Mr. Theodor F*, Oberpullendorf

The Austrian Class Lottery is definitely among the more complex gambling games. It takes time to understand the product and the game cycle. I especially liked the Gold Class as a new additional game and I gave my first gold bar to my grandson.

Ms Mag. Iris T.*, Linz

My initial uncertainty was quickly cleared up by a conversation with the Prokopp customer service. The friendly advice and the reputable way in which the company is run reassured me and I won over €500 for the first time after playing just three classes. No huge amounts – but fun and interesting enough for me to continue playing.

Mr. Dr. Alfred K.*, Lienz

* For data protection reasons our customers have been anonymised.

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