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The Austrian Class Lottery is very simple

6 classes. 24 draws. 29 million hits.

A class lottery

The class lottery starts twice a year, in May and November.

It lasts 6 months and is divided into 6 game sections - the so-called "classes".

Every Monday there is a draw with 1 million euros at stake.

Thus, there are 4 draws per class and 24 draws per lottery.

The most prizes are waiting in the 6th class: in the final draw, a total of 10 million euros is at stake!

You can choose between different lots:

With a whole ticket (10/10) you can win the maximum prize alone.

By purchasing ticket shares (1/10 to 9/10), you share your ticket with other participants. For example, if you buy 3/10 lot shares of a lot number, you receive 30% of the distributed prize - but also pay only 30% of a whole lot.

With a Combi ticket, you buy shares in several different tickets. This increases your probability of winning.

A whole lot costs 150 Euro per class, a 1/10 lot only 15 Euro per class.

You pay for your ticket per class, so you can participate in up to 24 draws and have the chance to win 29 million.

At PROKOPP you will be informed immediately about every win.

The 198. Class lottery

Start of sales 08.03.2024

1st class
13.05.24 – 03.06.24
82,533 Winnings
2nd class
10.06.24 – 01.07.24
27,533 Winnings
3rd class
08.07.24 – 29.07.24
12,533 Winnings
4th class
05.08.24 – 26.08.24
8,533 Winnings
5th class
02.09.24 – 23.09.24
7,533 Winnings
6th class
30.09.24 – 21.10.24
139,531 Winnings

High profits

The total winnings amount to 121.5 million euros!

You can win up to 1 million euros every week.

In addition, numerous prizes ranging from 200 euros to 100,000 euros will be raffled.

On the last day of the draw for the class lottery, it's all about the big grand prize:

EUR 10 million consisting of 5 x EUR 1 million and 1 x EUR 5 million.

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By the way: All profits are income tax free.

Game plan of the 198. Class lottery
Additional winnings
Super Class
Win €100,000 every day.
State guaranteed
Winnings in the Austrian Class Lottery are guaranteed by the state.
All draws are conducted by the Austrian Lotteries Association. This company also monitors and guarantees the correct payment of all winnings.
Additional winnings
Gold Class
Winning pure gold.

High hit chances

Up to 99.98% hit probability!

There are 278,196 prizes with only 250,000 tickets available!

This means that even with a single ticket number you have a 76.36% chance of being hit.

By combining several lot numbers you can increase the hit probability to almost 100%:

Your hit chance

1 ticket number


3 ticket numbers


6 ticket numbers


Ticket calculator

How high should your stake be? What amount do you dream of winning and how high is the probability of hitting it? Our ticket calculator will guide you to your individually perfect class ticket!

Money-back guarantee

If you play the entire lottery with 5 and 6 ticket combinations and do not score a single hit, you will receive a full refund of your stake from PROKOPP.

Other questions

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